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Pack odf_sheet -- prolog/ods/formula.pl
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 sheet_ds_formulas(:Sheet, -Formulas) is det
Formulas is a list of generalised formulas in Sheet
 sheet_formula_groups(:Sheet, -Groups, -Singles) is det
 ds_formulas(+Formulas:list, -DSFormulas:list) is det
 sheet_dependency_graph(:Sheet, -UGraph) is det
Create a UGraph that represents the dependencies between cells. Nodes in the cells are terms cell(S,X,Y).
 cell_dependency_graph(:Sheet, +X, +Y, +Direction, -Graph) is det
True when Graph is an Ugraph expressing the dependencies of StartCell. Direction is one of inputs, outputs or both.
To be done
- Implement outputs and both. Probably need to materialize the dependecies for that. We could do that while loading the spreadsheet?
 generalize_formula(F0, F) is det
 generalize_formula(+S0, +X0, +Y0, +F0, -S, -X, -Y, -F) is det
F is F0, after replacing coordinates by the variables X and Y or constraints thereof. The idea is that F now unifies to other formulas that have the same structure with the same relative cell positions.