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Pack mail_standards -- prolog/maildir/actions.pl
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Actions that can be applied to a Maildir file (i.e. one mail).

- Gimenez, Christian
- GPLv3
 mark_seen(+Filepath:term, -Filepath_new:term)
Mark the Mail file as seen. Filepath should be a relative or absolute file and must contain the cur/new maildir subdirectory.

Filepath_new is the resulting mail filename.

 mark_flags(+Filepath:term, +Flags:list, -Filepath_new)
Add the Flags to the Filepath mail and rename it properly in the filesystem. Filepath_new is the resulting mail path.
 move_mails_to_maildir(+LstMails:list, +Maildir:term, +Type:term, -LstNewMails:list)
Move all mails in LstMails into the given Maildir. And return the new mails at LstNewMails.
LstMails- A list of mails paths terms.