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gSOAP WSDL Importer tool 0.9


  1. Install an XML parser for Java, e.g. Apache Xerces 2.0.1 (xercesImpl.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar) or 1.4.4 (xerces.jar), and change the classpath accordingly. The wsdlcpp.java source of the WSDL import tool is pre-configured for the Xerces Dom parser. To use another Java DOM parser, please change the Dom parser class import in wsdlcpp.java.
  2. javac wsdlcpp.java


The creation of proxies (stubs) from WSDL is a two step process.

  1. Execute: java wsdlcpp <file>.wsdl This generates the following files:

    <file>.h the header file declarations for the gSOAP compiler <file>.c a client program template

    The header file is to be processed by the gSOAP compiler:

  2. Execute: soapcpp2 <file>.h This generates the following files:
    soapStub.h similar to <file>.h, but with data type annotations soapH.h header file of soapC.cpp soapC.cpp SOAP/XML (de)serializers for C/C++ data types soapClient.cpp proxy stub routines for remote method calls soapServer.cpp skeleton routines for service implementation (not required for client applications) soap<srv>.wsdl a WSDL file, where <srv> is the name of the service soap<srv>.nsmap a namespace mapping table for the client application

    Modify the client program template <file>.c to suit your needs.

    Compile the client program as explained in the gSOAP documentation, e.g. g++ <file>.c stdoap2.cpp soapC.cpp soapClient.cpp


The following limitations are specific to the WSDL importer tool. The limitations are not general limitations of the gSOAP toolkit and the gSOAP stub and skeleton compiler. Future releases of the WSDL import tool will address these limitations.

  1. No <import> (WSDL must be self-contained)
  2. No support for SOAP Header and Fault messages If Header processing is required, this will need to be added by hand to the generated header file.
  3. To ensure compatibility to C, the current WSDL importer generates struct declarations. These can be changed into class declarations in the generated header file when necessary.