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Pack logicmoo_nlu -- ext/candc/ext/bin-old/src/README.txt

The gSOAP 2 compiler sources are Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Robert A. van Engelen, Florida State University. All rights reserved.

THIS PACKAGE IS INTENDED TO SUPPORT THE MIGRATION OF gSOAP TO DIFFERENT PLATFORMS. The code has not been cleaned. No documentation is enclosed. Because Web service technology and protocols such as SOAP and WSDL are changing rapidly, periodic updates will be provided. As a consequence, the use of this code as part of a larger work cannot be guaranteed to work with future releases of this software and will most likely fail with future additions. For questions, please contact the author of the software.

The gSOAP 2 compiler sources are covered by MPL 1.1, while the gSOAP runtime libraries are covered by the gSOAP public license which was derived from the MPL 1.1 public license with additions to cover the generated source codes.

See COPYING for conditions of use.

The terms and conditions of use of this software do not allow for the removal of the copyright notice from the main program for visual display. For integration with other software, a similar copyright notice must be produced that is visible to users of the software.

The distribution contains the following files in the "src" directory: README This file COPYING Conditions of use license.html License Makefile Unix makefile MakefileLinux Linux Makefile soapcpp2.h Main header file soapcpp2.c Main application soapcpp2.c.bak Running Flex may overwrite soapcpp2.c, so a backup is provided symbol2.c Symbol table handling and code generation module error2.h Header file for error2.c error2.c Error handling routines init2.c Compiler symbol table initialization soapcpp2.l Flex/Lex tokens soapcpp2.y Yacc/Bison grammar

The "soapcpp-linux" directory contains the gSOAP distribution in source code form with the gSOAP compiler in binary form for Linux. Replace this compiler "soapcpp2" with your port.

Bison (or Yacc) and Flex (or Lex) are required to build the compiler.

Type 'make -f MakefileLinux' in the "src" directory to build the compiler on Linux-based systems with Bison. Type 'make' to build the compiler on Unix with Yacc.