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Pack logicmoo_nlu -- ext/candc/ext/bin-old/INSTALL.txt

To install gSOAP, unpack the archive. You will get the files:

INSTALL this file README license.pdf gSOAP public license soapcpp2 executable gSOAP 2 compiler soapdoc2.html documentation for gSOAP 2 soapdoc2.pdf documentation for gSOAP 2 stdsoap2.h header file for stdsoap2.c[pp] stdsoap2.c library and gSOAP runtime stdsoap2.cpp library (identical to stdsoap2.c)

If any of the above files is missing, please contact us: http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~engelen/soapcontact.html

Examples are included. Also a Linux/Unix Makefile is included.

ck.h ckclient.cpp ckserver.cpp: Cookie client and server example dime.h dimeclt.cpp dimesrv.cpp: Image client and server with DIME glossary.h glossary.cpp: Glossary client googleapi.h googleapi.c Google Web API client listing.h listing.cpp: XMethod service listing client localtime.h localtime.c: Get localtime DOC/LIT client example lu.h lumat.cpp luclient.cpp luserver.cpp:Linear solver example client+server magic.h magicclient.cpp magicserver.cpp: Magic Squares client and server magic.h mtmagicserver.cpp: Multi-threaded Magic Squares server mybubble.h mybubble.c: MyBubble client polymorph.h polymorph.cpp: Polymorphic object exchange quote.h quote.c Get delayed stock quote quote2.h quote2.c Get delayed stock quote (SOAP messages) quote3.h quote3.cpp Get delayed stock quote (Stock class) quotex.h quotex.cpp: Combined client/server example ssl.h sslclient.c sslserver.c: SSL example (requires OpenSSL) uddi.h uddi.cpp: UDDI client whois.h whois.cpp: Who-is example client

To build the example services and clients, type "make". See http://www.cs.fsu.edu/~engelen/soapexamples.html for more details and explanations of these examples.

Two multi-threaded stand-alone SOAP servers are included in the Linux/Unix distributions:

mtmagicserver MT magic square server (type 'make mtmagicserver.cgi') sslserver example SSL-secure SOAP server (client code: sslclient)

To try the SSL-secure SOAP server, install OpenSSL and change the occurrences of "linprog2.cs.fsu.edu" in sslclient.c and sslserver.c to the machine name (or machine IP) you are using. Example .pem files are included but you need to create your own .pem files (see OpenSSL documentation).

The sslclient and sslserver codes can then be build as follows:

soapcpp2 -c ssl.h gcc -DWITH_OPENSSL -o sslclient sslclient.c stdsoap2.c soapC.c soapClient.c -lssl -lcrypto gcc -DWITH_OPENSSL -o sslserver sslserver.c stdsoap2.c soapC.c soapServer.c -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that all client examples can connect to third party Web services when these services are down or have been removed.

For Windows users, the archive includes a samples directory, see README