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Pack clpcd -- README.md


Constraint logic programming over continuous domains

Based on the CLP(Q,R) package by Leslie De Koninck, K.U. Leuven, available in SWI-Prolog.


To install this package, just follow the next sequence of commands in your SWI-Prolog shell:

  $ swipl
  ?- pack_install('https://github.com/edisonm/clpcd.git').


The goal of this library is to make a CLP library for continuous domains like reals or rationals, that is more appropriated for calculations found in engineering applications.

Current CLP(QR) implementation work only when the system of equations are linear, although in some cases, the equations can be modified so that they become linear and make the system solvable. But also, it is not being maintained and contains several unfortunate bugs, failing even for very small examples. It also presents implementation limitations (like the linearity); probably because the prototype was designed some decades ago, when computational power was limited.

This library is focused to remove those limitations, and to incorporate solvers for well-known non-linear equations, when such systems are identified. The numeric resolution of such equations will be inspired or taken form existing frameworks like the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) or GNU Octave.