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@@ -155,11 +155,15 @@ Turtle, RDF/XML).  Contact us if you need support for another
 Alternatively, SWI-Prolog can be embedded in a program written in some
-other language.  We provide this feature for a large range of
-languages, e.g., C, C++, Java, Rust, JavaScript and Python.  This is
-often easier to achieve.  Languages without preemptive multi-threading
-support such as JavaScript and Python do pose challenges when dealing
-with threaded applications.
+other language or use components written in another language.  We
+provide these features for a large range of languages, e.g., C, C++,
+Java, Rust, JavaScript and Python.  C, C++ and Rust allow for fast
+interfaces that support preemptive multi-threading.  Notably Python
+provides easy access from Prolog to many libraries and APIs.  Notably
+scalability when using Prolog threads may be limited.  Still, Python
+provides an excellent entry point to many resources while a better
+scalable interface may be realized after evaluation with a Python
+based prototype.
 ### Q: What are the deployment options?
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     non-determinism both ways and *embedding* of the SWI-Prolog kernel
     in C/C++ projects.
-    * Interfaces to high level languages such as
-    Java using [JPL](</packages/jpl/>), Python, Rust  and C# are available.
+	* Bundled interface to Java named [JPL](</packages/jpl/>)
+	* Bundled interface to Python named [Janus](</packages/janus>).
+	Janus allows for embedding Python into Prolog as well as Prolog
+	into Python.  Janus is also available for [XSB](https://xsb.com/xsb-prolog/).
+    * Externally available interfaces to Rust, C# and more.
     * Database connectivity is provided by the
     *|[[ODBC][</pldoc/package/odbc.html>]]|* interface.