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DOC: Added another sample client-server implementation
authorPeter Ludemann
Fri Jun 2 11:14:08 2023 -0700
committerJan Wielemaker
Sat Jun 3 14:15:44 2023 +0200
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diff --git a/howto/http/index.txt b/howto/http/index.txt
index c09b9df..94bd9ed 100644
--- a/howto/http/index.txt
+++ b/howto/http/index.txt
@@ -26,7 +26,11 @@ This is work in progress!   If you want to contribute or comment,
 send an e-mail to [[me][<mailto:jan@swi-prolog.org>]] or to the
-[[new.gif]] [[Here][https://github.com/Anniepoo/swiplwebtut/blob/master/web.adoc]] is a tutorial with exercises by Anne Ogborn.
+---++ Tutorials
+[[Here][https://github.com/Anniepoo/swiplwebtut/blob/master/web.adoc]] is a tutorial with exercises by Anne Ogborn.
+[[new.gif]] [[Here][https://github.com/kamahen/swipl-server-js-client]] is a sample implementation of a JavaScript client communicating with a SWI-Prolog server, using the newer ibrary(http/http_server) API.
 ---++ Example code