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Fixed description of command line editor: GNU Readline is not the only option.
authorJan Wielemaker
Fri Nov 13 09:08:59 2020 +0100
committerJan Wielemaker
Fri Nov 13 09:08:59 2020 +0100
Diff style: patch stat
diff --git a/gtrace.txt b/gtrace.txt
index f3a325b..01d8902 100644
--- a/gtrace.txt
+++ b/gtrace.txt
@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ SWI-Prolog and XPCE concentrate on program development by offering an
 environment that is especially suitable for (rapid) prototyping and
 debugging. This is supported by the fast incremental SWI-Prolog
 compiler, the debugger that is capable of debugging compiled code and
-GNU-readline based command-line editor.
+the built-in commandline editor that supports Prolog specific
 Tracing Prolog programs using a traditional 4-port debugger on a
 terminal is difficult. Large Prolog terms make the trace hard to read,