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Creating a Windows console application from SWI-Prolog

If you want to use a SWI-Prolog program as a stand-alone .exe, you can do this using qsave_program/2 or using the commandline. The command below creates myapp.exe from load.pl and makes the program start at main/0

swipl.exe -o myapp.exe -c load.pl --goal=main

To run, myapp.exe requires .dll files from the installation's bin directory. The required .dll files are listed below. Note that the details may depend on the version and installation. Notably libdwarf.dll may not be present and the others may have a different version.

  • libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
  • libgmp-10.dll
  • libswipl.dll
  • libwinpthread-1.dll
  • zlib1.dll

Your application may depend on additional .dll files loaded through use_foreign_library/1. You can find these with current_foreign_library/2.

Recent versions provide win_process_modules/1 which returns a list of all DLLs loaded into the process. This includes an up-to-date version fror your installation of the list above, the DLLs used by the loaded extensions and the standard Windows DLLs. You can now copy all DLL files reported by win_process_modules/1 that are part of the SWI-Prolog distribution. The Prolog flag home provides access to the root of the distribution hierarchy.

The required .dll files must be installed in the same directory as the executable or in a directory available through %PATH%.

See also
- In many cases, it is way easier to start an application from the Prolog source.