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Prolog files

aggregate.pl  -- Aggregation operators on backtrackable predicatesShow source
ansi_term.pl  -- Print decorated text to ANSI consolesShow source
apply.pl  -- Apply predicates on a listShow source
apply_macros.pl  -- Goal expansion rules to avoid meta-callingShow source
archive.pl  -- Access several archive formatsShow source
arithmetic.pl  -- Extensible arithmeticShow source
assoc.pl  -- Binary associationsShow source
backcomp.pl  -- Backward compatibilityShow source
base32.pl  -- Base32 encoding and decodingShow source
base64.pl  -- Base64 encoding and decodingShow source
base64/2Translates between plaintext and base64 encoded atom or string.Source
base64/3Encode/decode list of character codes using base64.Source
base64_encoded/3General the base64 encoding and decoding.Source
base64url/2Translates between plaintext and base64url encoded atom or string.Source
base64url/3Encode/decode list of character codes using Base64URL.Source
bdb.pl  -- Berkeley DB interfaceShow source
broadcast.pl  -- Event serviceShow source
c14n2.pl  -- C14n2 canonical XML documentsShow source
cgi.pl  -- Read CGI parametersShow source
charsio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
check.pl  -- Consistency checkingShow source
check_installation.pl  -- Check installation issues and featuresShow source
chr.plShow source
codesio.pl  -- I/O on Lists of Character CodesShow source
coinduction.pl  -- Co-Logic ProgrammingShow source
console_input.plShow source
crypt.plShow source
crypto.pl  -- Cryptography and authentication libraryShow source
csv.pl  -- Process CSV (Comma-Separated Values) dataShow source
ctypes.pl  -- Character code classificationShow source
date.pl  -- Process dates and timesShow source
debug.pl  -- Print debug messages and test assertionsShow source
dialect.pl  -- Support multiple Prolog dialectsShow source
dicts.pl  -- Dict utilitiesShow source
dif.pl  -- The dif/2 constraintShow source
doc_files.pl  -- Create stand-alone documentation filesShow source
doc_http.pl  -- Documentation serverShow source
doc_latex.pl  -- PlDoc LaTeX backendShow source
double_metaphone.pl  -- Phonetic string matchingShow source
edinburgh.pl  -- Some traditional Edinburgh predicatesShow source
edit.pl  -- Editor interfaceShow source
editline.pl  -- BSD libedit based command line editingShow source
error.pl  -- Error generating supportShow source
explain.pl  -- Describe Prolog TermsShow source
fastrw.pl  -- Fast reading and writing of termsShow source
files.plShow source
filesex.pl  -- Extended operations on filesShow source
gensym.pl  -- Generate unique symbolsShow source
git.pl  -- Run GIT commandsShow source
hash_stream.pl  -- Maintain a hash on a streamShow source
heaps.pl  -- heaps/priority queuesShow source
help.plShow source
helpidx.plShow source
hotfix.pl  -- Load hotfixes into executablesShow source
iostream.pl  -- Utilities to deal with streamsShow source
iso_639.plShow source
isub.pl  -- isub: a string similarity measureShow source
jpl.pl  -- A Java interface for SWI Prolog 7.xShow source
lazy_lists.pl  -- Lazy list handlingShow source
listing.pl  -- List programs and pretty print clausesShow source
lists.pl  -- List ManipulationShow source
main.pl  -- Provide entry point for scriptsShow source
make.pl  -- Reload modified source filesShow source
mallocinfo.pl  -- Memory allocation detailsShow source
md5.pl  -- MD5 hashesShow source
memfile.plShow source
modules.pl  -- Module utility predicatesShow source
nb_rbtrees.pl  -- Non-backtrackable operations on red black treesShow source
nb_set.pl  -- Non-backtrackable setsShow source
occurs.pl  -- Finding and counting sub-termsShow source
odbc.plShow source
operators.pl  -- Manage operatorsShow source
option.pl  -- Option list processingShow source
optparse.pl  -- command line parsingShow source
ordsets.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
oset.pl  -- Ordered set manipulationShow source
pairs.pl  -- Operations on key-value listsShow source
pcre.pl  -- Perl compatible regular expression matching for SWI-PrologShow source
pdt_console.plShow source
pengines.pl  -- Pengines: Web Logic Programming Made EasyShow source
pengines_io.pl  -- Provide Prolog I/O for HTML clientsShow source
pengines_sandbox.pl  -- Declare Pengine interaction sandbox-safeShow source
persistency.pl  -- Provide persistent dynamic predicatesShow source
pio.pl  -- Pure I/OShow source
pldoc.pl  -- Process source documentationShow source
plunit.pl  -- Unit TestingShow source
porter_stem.plShow source
portray_text.pl  -- Portray textShow source
pprint.pl  -- Pretty Print Prolog termsShow source
predicate_options.pl  -- Access and analyse predicate optionsShow source
process.pl  -- Create processes and redirect I/OShow source
prolog_autoload.pl  -- Autoload all dependenciesShow source
prolog_breakpoints.pl  -- Manage Prolog break-pointsShow source
prolog_clause.pl  -- Get detailed source-information about a clauseShow source
prolog_codewalk.pl  -- Prolog code walkerShow source
prolog_colour.pl  -- Prolog syntax colouring support.Show source
prolog_format.pl  -- Analyse format specificationsShow source
prolog_history.pl  -- Per-directory persistent commandline historyShow source
prolog_install.pl  -- Installation support predicatesShow source
prolog_jiti.pl  -- Just In Time Indexing (JITI) utilitiesShow source
prolog_metainference.pl  -- Infer meta-predicate propertiesShow source
prolog_pack.pl  -- A package manager for PrologShow source
prolog_server.plShow source
prolog_source.pl  -- Examine Prolog source-filesShow source
prolog_stack.pl  -- Examine the Prolog stackShow source
prolog_stream.pl  -- A stream with Prolog callbacksShow source
prolog_xref.pl  -- Prolog cross-referencer data collectionShow source
protobufs.pl  -- Google's Protocol BuffersShow source
pure_input.pl  -- Pure Input from files and streamsShow source
pwp.pl  -- Prolog Well-formed PagesShow source
qpforeign.pl  -- Quintus compatible foreign loaderShow source
qsave.pl  -- Save current program as a state or executableShow source
quasi_quotations.pl  -- Define Quasi Quotation syntaxShow source
quintus.pl  -- Quintus compatibilityShow source
random.pl  -- Random numbersShow source
rbtrees.pl  -- Red black treesShow source
rdf.plShow source
rdf_ntriples.pl  -- RDF N-triples parser (obsolete)Show source
rdf_parser.plShow source
rdf_triple.pl  -- Create triples from intermediate representationShow source
rdf_write.pl  -- Write RDF/XML from a list of triplesShow source
readline.pl  -- GNU readline interfaceShow source
readln.pl  -- Read line as list of tokensShow source
readutil.pl  -- Read utilitiesShow source
record.pl  -- Access compound arguments by nameShow source
rewrite.plShow source
rlimit.plShow source
saml.pl  -- SAML AuthenticationShow source
sandbox.pl  -- Sandboxed Prolog codeShow source
settings.pl  -- Setting managementShow source
sgml.pl  -- SGML, XML and HTML parserShow source
sgml_write.pl  -- XML/SGML writer moduleShow source
sha.pl  -- SHA secure hashesShow source
shell.pl  -- Elementary shell commandsShow source
shlib.pl  -- Utility library for loading foreign objects (DLLs, shared objects)Show source
snowball.pl  -- The Snowball multi-lingual stemmer libraryShow source
socket.pl  -- Network socket (TCP and UDP) libraryShow source
solution_sequences.pl  -- Modify solution sequencesShow source
sort.plShow source
ssl.pl  -- Secure Socket Layer (SSL) libraryShow source
statistics.pl  -- Get information about resource usageShow source
streaminfo.plShow source
streampool.plShow source
syslog.pl  -- Unix syslog interfaceShow source
system.pl  -- System utilitiesShow source
table.plShow source
table_util.plShow source
tabling.pl  -- Tabled execution (SLG WAM)Show source
term_to_json.plShow source
terms.pl  -- Term manipulationShow source
test_cover.pl  -- Clause cover analysisShow source
test_wizard.pl  -- Test Generation WizardShow source
thread.pl  -- High level thread primitivesShow source
thread_pool.pl  -- Resource bounded thread managementShow source
threadutil.pl  -- Interactive thread utilitiesShow source
time.pl  -- Time and alarm libraryShow source
tty.pl  -- Terminal operationsShow source
udp_broadcast.pl  -- A UDP Broadcast BridgeShow source
ugraphs.pl  -- Graph manipulation libraryShow source
uid.pl  -- User and group management on Unix systemsShow source
unicode.pl  -- Unicode string handlingShow source
unix.pl  -- Unix specific operationsShow source
uri.pl  -- Process URIsShow source
url.pl  -- Analysing and constructing URLShow source
utf8.pl  -- UTF-8 encoding/decoding on lists of character codes.Show source
uuid.pl  -- Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) LibraryShow source
varnumbers.pl  -- Utilities for numbered termsShow source
vm.pl  -- SWI-Prolog Virtual Machine utilitiesShow source
when.pl  -- Conditional coroutiningShow source
win_menu.pl  -- Console window menuShow source
writef.pl  -- Old-style formatted writeShow source
www_browser.pl  -- Open a URL in the users browserShow source
xmldsig.pl  -- XML Digital signatureShow source
xmld_signed_DOM/3Translate an XML DOM structure in a signed version.Source
xmld_verify_signature/4Confirm that an ds:Signature element contains a valid signature.Source
xmlenc.pl  -- XML encryption libraryShow source
xpath.pl  -- Select nodes in an XML DOMShow source
xsdp_types.pl  -- XML-Schema primitive typesShow source
yall.pl  -- Lambda expressionsShow source
zlib.pl  -- Zlib wrapper for SWI-PrologShow source