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Pack tokenize -- README.md


?- tokenize(`\tExample  Text.`, Tokens).
Tokens = [cntrl('\t'), word(example), spc(' '), spc(' '), word(text), punct('.')]

?- tokenize(`\tExample  Text.`, Tokens, [cntrl(false), pack(true), cased(true)]).
Tokens = [word('Example', 1), spc(' ', 2), word('Text', 1), punct('.', 1)]

?- tokenize(`\tExample  Text.`, Tokens), untokenize(Tokens, Text), format('~s~n', [Text]).
        example  text.
Tokens = [cntrl('\t'), word(example), spc(' '), spc(' '), word(text), punct('.')],
Text = [9, 101, 120, 97, 109, 112, 108, 101, 32|...]


Module tokenize aims to provide a straightforward tool for tokenizing text into a simple format. It is the result of a learning exercise, and it is far from perfect. If there is sufficient interest from myself or anyone else, I'll try to improve it.

Please visit the wiki for more detailed instructions and examples, including a full list of options supported.