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Pack mtx -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

0.2 @ 18.06.05 18.06.05 IFACE: mtx_bi_opts/5 a common way for options for predicates that have input and output MTXs IFACE: mtx_row_apply/4, vanilla and from-file-direct-to-file modes 18.05.11 DOC: mtx_rows_partition/5, added explanations to option apply_on 18.04.27 IFACE: mtx_columns_collapse/6 added 18.04.30 FIXED: loading of mtx library in example examples/ones_plots.pl
0.1 @ 18.04.02 (first public release) 18.03.23 PERF: mem efficient version of mtx_rows_partition/3 when io directs to files 18.03.07 OPTS: added space to sep/1 of mtx/3 DOC: formatting of mtx_sep/2 18.03.06 IFACE: [] matrix is canonical empty matrix by_row (mtx_type/2). 18.02.16 IFACE: mtx_value_column_frequencies/3 curved out of mtx_value_plot/3 18.02.03 IFACE: mtx_read_table/4. ADDED: data alias for all data subdirs in packs and local dir data OPTS: header + excludes in mtx_column_include_rows/4,5 RMV: mtx_subset/4,5 17.12.12 ADDED: mtx/2's 1st arg now also passes absolute_file_name/3 ADDED: mtx/2 option match/1 -> csv's match_arity/1 FIXED: mtx_sep/2 only succeeds once now 17.06.27 ADDED: tab and comma as recognised separators 17.03.22 ADDED: sep(SepCode) option in mtx/2 16.06.29 ADDED: this document