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Pack logtalk -- logtalk-3.14.0/contributions/NOTES.md

This file is part of Logtalk http://logtalk.org/ Copyright 1998-2018 Paulo Moura <pmoura@logtalk.org>

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. ________________________________________________________________________

This folder contains code contributions from Logtalk users. Follows a short description of each included contribution:

[102, 108, 97, 103, 115]
Contributed by: Theofrastos Mantadelis
This folder contains an implementation of persistent object flags. Includes usage examples.
[105, 115, 111, 56, 54, 48, 49]
Contributed by: Daniel L. Dudley
This is a partial implementation of the ISO 8601 standard, providing a library of date predicates. The time predicates are not yet implemented. The best way to get acquainted with this library is for you to compile the object and then run one of the documentation helper scripts to transform the resulting XML file into (X)HTML or PDF documentation. Your feedback is appreciated.
[112, 100, 100, 108, 95, 112, 97, 114, 115, 101, 114]
Contributed by: Robert Sasak
This is a partial implementation of a parser for PDDL 3.0 files. See `http://artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~sasar5am/pddl/` for the original Prolog version.
[118, 101, 114, 100, 105, 95, 110, 101, 114, 117, 100, 97]
Contributed by: Victor Lagerkvist
This folder contains a meta-interpreter collection that includes both top-down and bottom-up search strategies. See the verdi_neruda/README.md file for details.
[120, 109, 108, 95, 112, 97, 114, 115, 101, 114]
Contributed by: John Fletcher
This folder contains a Logtalk version of John Fletcher's Prolog XML parser (`http://www.zen37763.zen.co.uk/xml.pl.html`). See the xml_parser/NOTES.md file for details.

See the copyright and license information on the contributed files for usage and distributions conditions.

The contributions/loader.lgt file loads all contributions and is mainly used when generating the XHTML documentation by following the steps:

(1) Load all contributions using the query:

| ?- {contributions(loader)}.

(2) Load the lgtdoc tool and generate the XML documenting files for all library entities using the queries:

| ?- {lgtdoc(loader)}. ...
| ?- lgtdoc::library(flags, [xml_docs_directory('$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp1')]), lgtdoc::library(pddl_parser, [xml_docs_directory('$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp2')]), lgtdoc::library(verdi_neruda, [xml_docs_directory('$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp3')]), lgtdoc::library(xml_parser, [xml_docs_directory('$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp4')]), lgtdoc::library(iso8601, [xml_docs_directory('$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp5')]).

(3) Run the command lgt2html on the temporary directories to generate the (X)HTML documentation or the command lgt2pdf to generate PDF documentation:

$ cd "$LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp1" && lgt2html -i flags.html -t "Flags" && mv *.html ..
$ cd ../tmp2 && lgt2html -i pddl_parser.html -t "PDDL Parser" && mv *.html ..
$ cd ../tmp3 && lgt2html -i verdi_neruda.html -t "Verdi Neruda" && mv *.html ..
$ cd ../tmp4 && lgt2html -i xml_parser.html -t "XML Parser" && mv *.html ..
$ cd ../tmp5 && lgt2html && rm index.html && mv *.html ..

After generating the (X)HTML and/or PDF documentation, you can delete the temporary directories:

$ cd .. && rm -rf $LOGTALKUSER/docs/tmp*