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Pack biomake -- CHANGES.md



  • If errors are ignored, report this. This happens if an exec fails, and either -k is passed or the line starts '-'
  • fixed erroneous conversion of recursively-expanded variables into simply-expanded variables when appending, added test
  • Always report job submission
  • Implemented MAKECMDGOALS special variable, added test. Closes #39
  • evaluating arguments for $(bagof T,G). Fixes issue #37
  • fixes for #35 and #36
  • Fix to prevent over-eager consumption of backslashes as part of target, fixes #33
  • Declare debug topics in advance #31
  • Added more efficient solution to merging duplicate variables due to @triska in comment on cf75abd
  • Added support for .IGNORE
  • Added support for .PHONY, and tests for .PHONY and .ONESHELL
  • braces in deplists were being misinterpreted as goals by parser, and substitution references weren't working on lists - both fixed
  • Handle quoted arguments correctly in wrapper script. Fixes #28


  • Translate terms in prolog/endprolog block with expand_term/2 before asserting them. Fixes #21
  • renamed swipl wrapper script. fixes #22


This release incorporates major changes from v0.0.3, contributed by @ihh, including multiple new features, including:

  • triggering builds based off changes to MD5 signatures
  • Support for cluster-based job queues.
  • Support for GNU-Make syntax as an alternative to prolog syntax (and the default)

Many command line options may have changed, see README for details