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Version 7.6.1 released

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Picture of user Jan Wielemaker.

Version 7.6.1 has been released. Highlights:

  • Several race conditions in atom, functor and predicate `supervisor' installation have been fixed. Thanks to Keri, being a perfect detective! This work includes the installation of memory barriers, needed to avoid reordering memory access on e.g., ARM and powerpc.
  • Race condition in windows sockets. Keri.
  • Port: ARM: unsigned char issue in RDF Turtle parser. Added recognising ARM and powerpc in configure.ac to build by default as a shared object configuration.
  • Avoid unnecessary creation of modules for several built-ins.

Security Vulnerability in Pengines

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Picture of user Anne Ogborn.

This weekend Vladislav Zorov reported a vulnerability in pengine sandboxing.

This vulnerability allows any user who can create a pengine to execute unconstrained prolog code, including process_create.

The vulnerability can be triggered simply by loading pengines.

This vulnerability was patched with commit


We recommend all pengines users upgrade to this release or later.

Big thanks to Vladislav.