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SWI-Prolog owl logoHow to create a web service easily?

Creating web services with SWI-Prolog is a breeze. This how-to is intended as your first bluffer's guide. All examples come with fully operational source code.

Deploying Prolog-based web servers

This is work in progress! If you want to contribute or comment, send an e-mail to me or to the mailinglist.

new.gif Here is a tutorial with exercises by Anne Ogborn.

Example code

We have two servers available with complete source. One is the server that runs, which can be downloaded through GIT from the repository plweb.git. The other is ClioPatria. Although ClioPatria targets semantic web (RDF) applications, it is also useful as a starting point for general purpose web servers.

Here is a very incomplete selection of functionality that you can find in these servers:

  • ClioPatria
    • User management, OpenID
    • Extension packs (CPACK)
    • Modular server configuration
    • Server statistics
    • Handle messages from Prolog
    • Lots of RDF stuff

Plans (todo)

  • AJAX interaction (YUI, simple table, tree, N-Queens code?)
  • PWP
  • Logfiles and processing thereof
  • Stress-testing by replaying logfiles