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The table below provides access to the most recent 7 daily builds of SWI-Prolog for Windows, both the 32- and 64-bit versions. The build is done automatically from the GIT sources. The files use the following naming convention:

  • swipl-wbits-date.exe

Please note that these versions may be unstable! It is adviced to follow current discussions on the mailing list and/or the git commit messages at GitHub. The primary purpose of the daily builds is to quickly provide binaries after a bug report.

NameLast modifiedSize
[FILE]swipl-w64-2017-05-01.exeMon May 1 04:05:45 201720,672,834
[FILE]swipl-w32-2017-05-01.exeMon May 1 04:02:45 201719,355,686
[FILE]swipl-w64-2017-04-30.exeSun Apr 30 04:05:48 201720,672,499
[FILE]swipl-w32-2017-04-30.exeSun Apr 30 04:02:46 201719,355,219
[FILE]swipl-w64-2017-04-29.exeSat Apr 29 04:06:01 201720,673,354
[FILE]swipl-w32-2017-04-29.exeSat Apr 29 04:02:53 201719,354,892