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Mailing list

The forum and mailing list for SWI-Prolog is kindly hosted by Discourse. This list is used for announcements as well as questions and discussion amoung users. On average, traffic is 5-10 messages per day. Details:

  • The forum can be viewed here
  • It provides local accounts and login with GitHub. Other login with options will follow.
  • Please read this topic if you want to access the forum primarily through email.

Old mailing lists

  • Before moving to Discourse (Feb 4, 2018), SWI-Prolog discussion was hosted as a Google group.
  • Before being moved to a Google group (May 1, 2014), the mailing list was kindly hosted by the University of Bonn. The archives of this list are still available here.

Related mailinglists

The Bugzilla bugtracking system

Bugs are best reported to and tracked through the GitHub issue tracker

See also
- Prolog is discussed on the Usenet group comp.lang.prolog
- stackoverflow