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SWI-Prolog owl logoUsing SWI-Prolog with GNU-Emacs

The Prolog mode that comes with Emacs is not that good. A much better one is available though, at http://turing.ubishops.ca/home/bruda/emacs-prolog

The mode plays nicely with, between others, SWI Prolog, and features syntax highlighting, auto indent, predicate menu, and full interaction with an inferior Prolog process. It is probably not as powerful as PceEmacs (though this is in my opinion open to discusion) but then I use Emacs night and day so I prefer it to PceEmacs.

At the time of writing the version is 0.1.41, which is attached to this page. However, I will not update the attachement very often, so do go to the Web page mentioned above for the most current version. As well, the guide below is a bit outdated--so it is useful, but do take a look at the mode's official page too.

Installation Hints

  1. Download the file prolog.el from http://turing.ubishops.ca/home/bruda/emacs-prolog and save it to the site-lisp sub-directory of Emacs, e.g., C:\Programme\Emacs\site-lisp.
  2. Byte-compile prolog.el: Load prolog.el into Emacs and select Emacs-Lisp->Byte-compile this file.
  3. Add the following lines to ~/.emacs (~/_emacs on Windows):
    (setq auto-mode-alist
      (cons (cons "\\.pl" 'prolog-mode)

    Where is ~/_emacs?

    ~ is a shortcut for the home directory, on Windows it is system and language specific. It may be for example C:\ or C:\Dokumente. The best way to find "~" is: select "Files->Open.." and enter "~". Then Emacs prints the directory name and contents.

  4. Customize the Prolog mode: Select Help->Customize->Top-level Customization Group and then select group Programming->Languages->Prolog. * Select the value "SWI Prolog" for "Prolog System" and "Save for future sessions" * Go to "Prolog Inferior" group and edit "Prolog Program Name", to insert SWI Prolog's command pathname, e.g:
        (((getenv "EPROLOG")
        (getenv "EPROLOG")))
         (eclipse "eclipse")
         (mercury nil)
         (sicstus "sicstus")
         (swi "c:/Programme/swipl/bin/swipl.exe")
         (t "prolog"))

    and "Save for future sessions".

  5. (Optional:) CustomizeSyntaxHighlighting

Ptags: create Prolog tags for Emacs

Djamé Seddah pointed to the existence of ptags, a program to make tag-files for finding definitions in Prolog programs. This is the original site. We have a local copy of the c-code here.