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SWI-Prolog owl logoIs there a true C++ binding?

Actually, there are two. One is the original, written by me (Jan Wielemaker), which is part of the standard SWI-Prolog packages. It consists of the file SWI-cpp.h and is documented in:

Now, I'm not much of a C++ programmer, so Volker Wysk has created another one with my help explaining the viewpoint from Prolog. It is here:

These interfaces can happily live next to one another, so there isn't much conflict. In due time, if it turns out that Volkers one is working properly and better it is likely to replace my version.

Both interfaces can be freely mixed with calls to the plain C API documented in the SWI-Prolog reference manual. Have a look here if you are missing something as the C-interface provides more than the two C++ layers on top of it.

For new code, I'd suggest to have a look at Volker's one first.